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Mission Statement

We have over 75 combined years experience and maintain state licensure and insurance based on top industry standards. We are involved in the industry through community, organizational, and educational groups. 


American Tree Maintenance prides ourselves in bringing a  professional and relevant presence to the tree, turf and plant health care industry. 


Our company’s culture is ART - Accountability, Respect, and Trust. We believe in servant leadership and are motivated by open and positive communication. We believe in educating our staff and promoting the importance of intentional workmanship. 


Our top priority is SQP - safety, quality, and production. With this, we will ensure exceptional customer service. We believe in saving our customer’s time, worry, and money. We acknowledge that educating the customer can be the greatest service to our customer. 


We understand that we are merely stewards to care for trees and the planet - it is our delight to provide a sincere tool to help accomplish this mission. 

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